Hair extension aftercare

Advice on how to look after your new locks

When you get hair extensions you’re investing in your own beauty, so maintaining a lasting look will take care and effort.

An optimum look will rely on many factors, from washing, to brushing, even sleeping habits.

Follow these basic steps to maintain a natural and healthy look.


It’s imperative that you wash, shampoo and condition your hair at least once a week.

However, be careful not to apply shampoo within a period of 48 hours after your hair extensions have been applied. If you do, the bond will not set.

Use products that have beenspecially designed and proven to prolong the life and appearance of extensions.

However, always be careful to read the directions on the bottle, for best effects.

Rinsing your hair thoroughly once finished is also very important. To fully replenish your hairs pH value, we advise you to rinse using diluted Anti Tap Water.


There is a hierarchy to drying your hair. Start at the bond, as this is most vulnerable when wet then work your way down.

The way you use your towel is also very important. Dry with a blotting motion, instead of scrubbing then wrap hair in a towel to remove any excess moisture.

If blow drying, make sure to use a cool to warm temperature, to avoid heat damage.


If we had to recommend a most suitable brush then it would be one of Great Lengths flat headed, soft bristle brushes. Also use this to assist with blow drying.

Apply this to small sections of hair, gently brushing from the bonds to the hair tips.

Never comb between the scalp and bond. Instead, separate bonds using fingers to prevent matting. Do this regularly.

No need to worry about using straighteners or heating rollers. These are applicable as long as you keep them well away from the bond area.

Styling products, such as Pearl Gloss Styler, should only be applied to the lengths and ends of your hair – not the bond itself.

Styling even applies to when you’re sleeping. Tie your hair into a loose pony tail to prevent tangling.

5 Quick Tips – Protect extensions when exercising

  • Avoid regular swimming,  as sea and chlorinated water can damage extensions.
  • Do wear your hair up, off the neck and shoulders, avoiding sweat damage.
  • Avoid regular sauna or steam room use, as heat exposure will affect bonds.
  • Avoid excessive aerobic activity as this can slacken bonds.
  • Restore natural pH balance after sporting activities by using Great Lengths Anti Tap Water solution.

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